Stokes Bay Home 1

"I knew after 15 minutes of talking to Sheldon for the first time, he was the guy to build our house..."

“I acquired my Stokes Bay, Bruce Peninsula property in 2000 and spent more than a year talking to various contractors and modular home pre-fab suppliers.  There were always things each couldn't do, wouldn't do or didn't know how to do.  In early 2001, I was introduced to Sheldon Weatherhead by a close friend who had hired Sheldon for a small job.  I knew after 15 minutes of talking to Sheldon, this was the guy who was going to build our house.
After working with Sheldon through the winter of 2001 on design, selected materials and mechanical / structural specifications, construction began in early 2002.  From the day of the foundation excavation, Sheldon had target dates for completion set for each phase and never missed a single date.  What's more, Sheldon would make suggestions for improvements of space and esthetic appearance during the building process and we incorporated many of those enhancements to our great delight when the house was completed.
Sheldon's target date of October 31, 2002 was delivered right on the day.  I can recall quite clearly Sheldon asking me to keep track of anything we may deem to be a deficiency and he would return to fix anything and everything all at the same time.  I won't say, "To my great disappointment", but I never did have to make a list because there never was anything went wrong.
I had worked in construction as a tradesman in the 1960's.  I have had contractors build me five new houses during my lifetime before meeting Sheldon.  He is by far the best General Contractor I have ever had the pleasure of building me a home.  I don't know if I will ever leave this place and build my seventh new home but if I do, it will only happen if Sheldon can build it for me.